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Heterosexual intercourse as it is

The heterosexual act is full of misunderstandings, despite the apparent complementarity. The possible pregnancy determines a radical difference.

The following may be an accurate description of how the men and women we unite, we fertilze and, to reproduce, fulfill the unique mission (1) we have: conserve the species.

Always live in society because we are social animals. Almost all the population lives in communities of men and women.

When one goes into heat, like any other mammal, try to be fertilized by a male who already know, with whom he had any emotional attachment because likes him and, almost inevitably, he always approaches the woman who lovingly calls, watching, talking, showing that you admire, what you want, is happy in his company, I would see him often.

These are unmistakable signs that the woman has chosen to father her children.

When she is ready to be fertilized make certain maneuvers instinctive for him to have an inflammation of the penis and want desinflamarlo by fondling her practice with his hands, mouth or vagina. Only the latter favoring desinflamación achieve pregnancy.

All these movements and actions are merely anatomical and physiological. However, the participants brain abundant thoughts and fantasies segregate before, during and after intercourse.

The intensity and density of these fantasies make the organic phenomenon, (only really necessary for the conservation of the species), go to the background.

Since one and the other have very different functions (a feat and one only fertile), these fantasies are radically different. The expectation of getting pregnant imposes a high commitment. For this they assign intercourse fantastic dimension much greater than the man could imagine.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El coito heterosexual tal cual es.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.082)

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