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The rebellion of the worker who feels violated

The unconscious of some men assumed that if produced under the orders of another, this is what raping and impregnating.

Yesterday I published an article (1) in which, metaphorically, suggesting the relationship between those who provide ideas and execute those ideas.

In other word, and generating the comparison explicit metaphor, saying that ideologues function as stallions (stallions) to fertilize workers embodying the idea, similar to how the females begin pregnancy.

Something similar happens with those engaged in tasks of management, control, supervision, leadership, middle management : they ordain workers performing a certain task, and the male fertilizes seems to give an order to the female body to perform the gestation process.

I repeat: who gives the orders and acts as a sperm who receives acts as an egg, which when activated by the sperm-head triggers a series of events productive... but colloquially, called re-productive.

One thing we can think is that poverty affecting our species from remote time may be caused because a majority of workers unconsciously feel raped, sodomized (anal sex between men).

If these views were correct, men who need work to help the family who want to keep emotionally are faced with a dilemma (obligation to choose between two different options) : they want to make the necessary effort to make money, but do not want feel like a pregnant woman boss to (re) produce.

In other words: you want to win decent wages but not as a prostitute.

The unconscious of many workers can lead them to feel humiliated when they receive orders from a superior. Without realizing it, (unconscious means not -conscious, unknown), rebel against some feelings that lead them to feel gay.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La rebelión del trabajador que se siente violado.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.051)

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