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Strategies to ensure the fidelity of husband

For some women, economically or sexually exhaust the husband are the most effective strategies to ensure the fidelity of her husband.

Some forms of interpreting reality are essential to make things happen as they happen.

'll Figure out two situations between a man and a woman who could be examples approximate how some couples.

a) She feels she has to gastarle all the money he earns and even pressure him to give more.

In this case she feels valued as a woman if she is with a man who works to exhaustion and are deprived of their personal expenses just to keep it as she demands.

Hers is a militant attitude, probably supported by his own mother, who eventually helps to spend so that the pressure on the man to be as effective as possible.

What does this attitude?

1) To feel valuable, important, respected, considered, enthroned, put on a pedestal;

2) Make sure that he can not afford a double life keeping another family;

3) Demonstrate other women how valuable, how many amenities available, how enviable is his life;

4) Follow obeying his mom and complimenting her as Mrs. intended to make your daughter.

 b) She feels that her husband sexually exhaust.

Hers is a militant attitude, physically exhausting it is proposed, is presented as erotomaniac, pretend to be absolutely fascinated by the (imaginary) husband's physical attractiveness.

What does this attitude?

1) Feeling a female fatal, according to his understanding of the feminine and the role of women in a couple;

2) Make sure he does not have energy to have sex with other women;

3) Demonstrate other women how to do to ensure the fidelity of a man.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Estrategias para garantizar la fidelidad del esposo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.080)

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