martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013

Not always seek comfort

The way we deal with problems inherent to gestate sons, appear always have problems and distress reject.

We agree that having children, engender, gestarlos, parirlos, is a natural mandate. We instinctively predisposed to perform these actions.

We know these ventures, (having children), we undergo effortless, worry, depriving us of entertainment, perhaps postpone definitely desires, spend sleepless nights, feel anguish when slow to get their rides, amusements and activities.

Objectively, having children is to seek, and find, great discomfort, discomfort, dissatisfaction, frustration. The question no one to encourage is: why humans we get into these ventures that seem so inconvenient?

The first reaction of many people is usually scandal. The question seems to negatively criticize any culture action approves fervently.

Although it is necessary to formulate sound inadequate to keep going.

No we did this question we could address the hypothesis that humans do not always seek pleasure, amusement, relief, rest, no worries, sleeping every night without interruption.

We are able to say that humans can also enjoy all that amount of discomfort that inevitably will lead the children fertilize.

Moreover, the death of a child may cause the most terrible moral pain which we suffer. Therefore, if we lose this permanent source of discomfort, worries and anxieties, we are worse than ever.

These experiences we have with our children, and I am summarizing as exposure to severe mood disorders that we would never lose, can suggest the hypothesis that not only have children if we upset. Maybe seek drawbacks, problems and difficulties at other times.

Not always reject the anxiety of both want to get away.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):   No siempre buscamos la comodidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.086)

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