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Determining the value of an object is impossible

It is impossible to determine the value of anything because this depends on many factors that are changing almost permanently.

- How much for this vessel of clay, painted green with golden flowers? - Asks a lady to vendor fair.

- 100 - the seller responds tersely, who probably gets along better with the clay with people.

-Nooo, is way overpriced! - Responds the buyer, changing his tone, now looking down on what had once cherished love for the artistic beauty of the object.

Now you and I think, let them negotiate, to see how far one's ability and other.

Why the potter order 100?, What took into account in arriving at that figure?, What the client relied so categorically diagnose is "overpriced"?, Do any of you know the value of the vessel?

To answer these simple questions would have to read us several libraries of economics, marketing, cost accounting and even philosophy, psychology and psychoanalysis.

As "the perfect is the enemy of the good", go down and we dialogue distendidamente expectations.

Why the potter order 100?

1 - Why is the amount of money you need to take your house because that was what the wife ordered when he came to sell their production (the vessel) ;

2 - For the rest of the artisans sell such objects more or less at that value. Not wanting to be dishonest with colleagues, sells at the same price they sell the other;

3 - Because to see the look on the lady realized he is a tourist, you'll never want to buy, you have to get all the money possible, because it makes all the craftsmen with tourists from around the world;

In short, no one knows how it's vessel.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Determinar el valor de un objeto es imposible.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.058)

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