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Money is working

Because our money before it was our job, all you pay is indirectly done by our own labor.

As I always, I will share with you personal reflections that we think together. I do not take the job of amplifying the ideas of others. You and I think with our heads, which we assume to be true, with the experiences we have had. The official thinking, that it is in the books because anyone cares that you and I think as the author, does not participate in this dialogue.

We can make money in two ways:

1 - Selling what we extract from a land that belongs to us, as they could be vegetables, fruits, oil, or

2 - Working either producing for whom we paid a salary or working for ourselves, in our own factory producing.

Let's see what happens to the money we get when we work (option 2).

In this case we can say that the money we charge is equal to time worked. To some extent we can adhere to the saying "Time is money", for which we would have to tweak the wording to say "Time is money worked."

Simplifying further, we may say that money is work. When we have money equivalent to the work done. Spent some time doing something with our body (muscles, brain, both) and who benefited from our efforts so remunerated with that money we now have in your pocket.

When we spend that money to buy something they really are doing is realizing that we buy. For example, if we hire a toilet to Unclog a pipe, we ourselves who the desobstruimos through it, it was our job to earn the money he charged us.

When we pay someone else's work is because before we were working.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El dinero es trabajo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.062)

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