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The good and bad of each thing or person

From one point of view, when we gave a child correspond to thank you for the satisfaction he allows.

Our intelligence tends to perceive reality from a single point of view because it uses the other as background and contrast.

For example, if something looks good, we tend to ignore the negative aspects that surely contain and reverse: when something seems wrong, we tend to ignore the positive aspects that surely contains.

Needless to say that this form of perceiving ceases to meet the non want to see: Hitler had good attitudes, Mother Teresa had bad attitudes, our national hero had acts of cowardice, the Supreme Pontiff sometimes doubts about the existence of God , a man whose intensely excites women may be surprised by homosexual fantasies.

The fact is that we function well all the time and if you do not pay attention to this feature of our mind inevitably have areas of intellectual blindness.

Many people have the belief that we must be grateful. In almost all of our Spanish-speaking peoples feel an obligation to teach our children the habit of thanking each time they receive a gift. Not occur to us that this masks an idea slightly negative.

- Some people really enjoy making a gift to a child, because they remember those who received in childhood, because the joy of watching gratify small, because they can not otherwise express their love for him. That kid makes a big favor who gives the mere fact of existing and receive the gift showing surprise, satisfaction, joy overflowing. If that child was not there to receive the gift who gives leave to enjoy this moment of personal glory;

- Therefore, it is the adult who should be thanked.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Lo bueno y lo malo de cada cosa o persona.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.941)

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