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Best Friend Betrayal

Jealous try betrayal of the beloved because we love something whose possession is more doubtful because we are bored security.

The love triangles have given abundant inspiration to novelists, not only to express their art but also to give its own complex process because writers amatory, worth repeating, are human beings.

In Don Quixote, includes a novella titled the Curioso (1).

It has in it the great friendship between two men called Anselmo and Lothario, and the wife of this called Camila.

Minded "21st century" distrust of heterosexuality either of those guys, but in those days people were more naive or less neurotic.

The point is that the great friends coursed an adjustment period of their mutual feelings because morality forced to step aside bachelor newlywed, but Anselmo was very curious, impertinent and overzealous.

These characteristics led him to ask a favor to his friend Lothario: to put to test the fidelity of Camila trying to seduce her.

At first the seductive improvised was rejected by the faithful wife, but as the Curioso was not satisfied with the intensity of the test, he asked his best friend to insist more and more.

At this point any reader would be willing to cede Camila harassment 'best friend of her husband "Cervantes and is valued because they never disappoint their customers: Camila had sex with" the best friend of her husband, "and all ended in the worst so ..., not to disappoint the reader.

The jealous contemporaries are, or are, as before, we seek the betrayal of who expect maximum fidelity. Why? Because we love more passionately that whose possession have questioned safety because we are bored.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La traición del mejor amigo.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.917)

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