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The accounts of the fault

Largely consider vexation being alive are actually unfulfilled responsibilities by others (guilty), not by us.

Money is the most outstanding cultural object. Secondly, the largest circulation cultural object is to blame.

Money and guilt belong to different categories: money is a commodity and guilt is an unpaid debt.

No clarify under what circumstances the money is used for all we know, but at least I make a brief comment as to the circumstances under which uses guilt, accusation, recrimination, the turnover of responsibilities unfulfilled, unsatisfied rights claim , reporting duties were not fulfilled in a timely manner.

Guilt is an accusatory statement that falls on a debtor (guilty) and had a victim, someone injured, a creditor (victim).

Given our tendency to avoid the responsibilities we can say that we have a tendency not identical accept our guilt.

In other words, we are effective creditors (who expects to be paid, who expects to charge, who hopes to be compensated) and are bad debtors (who must comply and failed, who hurt the creditor, who committed an evasion of their responsibilities).

For the existence of these small but abundant claims usually have a vision of our life full of bad debts, delinquent borrowers, of who should be responsible and for not complying, hurt us so that when we make the claim arises as only cause we're not completely happy.

Naturally, most of the blame for our misfortunes is foreign, it is almost impossible for our weak intelligence can understand that if we feel anxiety is not by the irresponsibility of mom, dad or rulers, but because being alive involves discomfort (1) .

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La contabilidad de la culpa.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.921)

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