domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

The abortion and labor exploitation

The feeling of those who would rather abort than be mothers is similar to the feeling of those who do not want to be exploited.

All we see, perceive, evaluate, judge, draw conclusions, we learn, we get a notion of 'how things should be "what is best for us, what should be the right decisions, however, very few of us take the trouble to conceptualize these reflections we do.

Conceptualize not mean much more than describe them, give them a linguistic format, write something that respects the syntax.

Those who read these descriptions may or may not agree. When adopters agree, appropriated them, integrate their findings.

For this phenomenon, (conceptualize, describe, disseminate), this work may be helpful to those who do publish our conceptualizations.

What happens to us when we get sick? What happens to us is that we are invaded by creatures that wish depredarnos, similar to how humans kill animals and vegetables to replenish energy.

Given this simplification of the above we can conclude that humans are pathogens for animals and plants that serve as food.

In short, that we do so to feed holiness without remorse, is what the viruses and bacteria that make us sick and sometimes kill us.

The attitude we have against our "enemies" (pathogens), is similar to that regarding human would if we were cattle, poultry, fruits or vegetables.

Those opposed to the legalization of abortion are sending a signal that can be interpreted as follows: "Doing what people want, (not abort), can impose a responsibility unfair, heavy, oppressive, for perhaps 18 years."

The feeling of the mother who does not want to be a mother and all those who identify with it is similar to those who do not want to get sick, or suffer, or be exploited.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El aborto y la explotación laboral.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.919)

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