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Supermarkets and natural ambition

Buy in supermarkets is a real pleasure because us back to our origins as a species and we can be naturally ambitious.

The word "loiter" means "Roam from somewhere nearby, usually with bad ends" (1).

On the other hand the word 'ambition', besides meaning "Burning desire to gain power, wealth, or fame dignities" (2), originally meant "loitering".

To recap, when we say that someone is ambitious, we are willing that is someone who wanders around with bad intentions.

If it is true what we see in movies documentaries about animal behavior might think that all do the same to get what we need, especially the food.

For this may not be wrong to say that we are all ambitious, although it is possible to determine that some individuals are more ambitious than others, meaning that some humans tend loitering with malicious intent than others.

For many years the self-service shops, such as supermarkets, have become popular as consumers we like this way of buying.

If we like it because in some way satisfied a taste found naturally. This satisfaction is equivalent to feel comfortable with that mode.

The distribution of the shelves, gondolas, showcases, windows, making it to find what we have to "roam", ie, spinning, walking, wandering nearby.

We are also pleased to be in an environment of abundance, where not only find the product you are looking for but also find varieties of the same product. Perhaps the feeling of abundance allows us to evoke booms of paradise and even a mother with large breasts that never left hungry.

For these reasons, and probably for many others, buy in supermarkets is a pleasure that takes us back to our origins.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los supermercados y la ambición natural.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.908)

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