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Popular intolerance

The medical criteria for health care are almost identical to the criteria used to take care of our safety.

Tonsils are tissue located in the back of the mouth. They try to exercise a sort of "preventive medicine" against pathogens that seek to invade.

Outside our bodies there are many living beings inhabit ourselves interested in, eat, succionarnos, without worrying if we cause some discomfort, including death itself.

In this feature (as in many other attitudes), humans look like our enemies.

It is common and normal, although generally illegal, humans try to inhabit the land or the house of another person, that people fight over a territory, that the effort made by our body (work) try to be exploited by those who adhere to slavery , abuse or theft, without worrying if they cause any discomfort including death itself.

Medicine is one of the techniques, popular arts or sciences. Living with the people every day, we are joined at birth, to grow, reproduce and die.

This popularity of medicine explains why his criteria are also popular.

For example, we find a parallel between how medicine treats the body stressors and how the public treats other stressors, specifically to criminals, antisocial, vandals, troublemakers, revolutionaries, and other citizens who, by altering the welfare of the community, are considered enemies, pathogens, undesirable.

If the medicine stimulates the people to extreme health care (solar radiation, hygiene, food) is because this town has an idiosyncrasy that claims such encouragement.

Conclusion: a medicine naturally intolerant enfermable condition of all living, you probably belong to a culture where people find like intolerance toward citizens who bother (criminals, psychotics, drug addicts).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La intolerancia popular.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.935)

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