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The horror of money and death

Because "money Wings' ... as the soul of the dead, some people are horrified unconsciously associating money and death.

The first definition of the word "soul" according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (1), says:

«Start that shapes and organizes the dynamism vegetative, sensitive and intellectual life." ... 'of animals and plants', he added, guided by the other meanings of "soul."

Studying myths and legends that are populating the human mind from ancient times, we find the belief that there is something ethereal, intangible, very mysterious, leaving the material body when it stops working and dies.

It is not clear if the death occurs because the soul abandons or the soul has to leave because the body leaves.

What seems certain is that the soul is gone and this intangibility that is assigned suggests almost all people the idea that "the soul flies away."

Some thought he was traveling mounted on an eagle, others imagined a winged horse, some assumed that the journey to the final residence of souls became a flying ship.

In dreams often see objects, animals or people flying and, if we interpret its meaning, could support the hypothesis that the dreamer had any idea of death that spurred the dream work.

This rodeo mythological and religious eventually because even today we see images of winged-angels, another hypothesis aims to prolong poverty refers to pathological, ie the difficulty, even impossibility, of obtaining the financial resources necessary to sustain a decent life.

Hypothesis: Perhaps because it is said that "money Wings", that "Time flies," and that "time is money", some people are horrified unconsciously associating money and death.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El horror al dinero y a la muerte.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.922)

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