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How foolishly we urge our lives

Living has a "minimal cost" when foolishly pretend that we urge guilty evade imagining who, being accused, attack us.

The graphical representation walking burrito because chasing a carrot that away because it is tied to himself, explains very well how the insatiable desire.

Those who are uncomfortable with the insatiability of desire should not forget that the desire is canceled only definitely irreversibly, by death.

Therefore it is necessary to know how our psychic energy that keeps us alive generated whenever the evergreen desire.

The difficulty to understand in this regard is the need to be consistent.

The coherence unrestricted blinds us to some concepts that are in direct contradiction to other ideas that we take for granted.

The inconsistency we need to accept as valid is that in order to live we have to be pesky while we make every attempt to stop being annoying.

In very childhood, is something like the game of throwing a ball upward with the intention that float around in the air, see how insistently down, and try again ... until we run out of strength to continue pulling, that is, to continue living.

Put another way: but does not seem consistent, the phenomenon which we depend for life to stay alive, (pun intended), strongly depends on a frustrating task.

For these reasons we suffer an upset unavoidable, inevitable. We have to pay a "minimum cost" to be alive, and this cost is in the form of pain, dissatisfaction, anxiety, specific malaise, mood.

The "least-cost" increases when foolishly pretend evade, when we imagine that others are guilty of our discomfort, we accuse, defend and increase the "minimum cost".

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cómo neciamente encarecemos nuestra vida.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.918)

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