domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Education on personal taste

Buyers of those items that never would buy there and you try to educate them.

All living creatures avoid pain, defined as that which causes us discomfort, dissatisfaction, mortification.

Seems clear that pain is universal but not both. That which causes us discomfort, dissatisfaction, mortification, not for all the same. Some people suffer from what other property and vice versa.

However, most are uncomfortable when a finger is pricked with a sharp tip, a majority gets upset when you feel hungry, a majority enjoys meeting with at least one person and a minority enjoys solitude.

This relationship with pain and pleasure is much more varied as far as taste is concerned: flavors, colors, fragrances, volumes, textures, pressure, humidity, temperature, design.

If they ever want to move up with evil can find a good fun going to a well stocked shop.

The masochistic sport I propose is to look closely at the windows, shelves, shelving, windows, paying attention to everything we ever buy.

Look closely horrible these ornaments, these useless machines, those foods that seem in a state of advanced decomposition, do not miss the dresses full of mismatched colors, ask yourself what you have in mind the people who buy those shoes, do not miss the section furniture for bedroom, living room and kitchen, not circumvent wonder who can live in a house where they have a sofa so, spend a few minutes watching the carpets, these devices able to collect tons of dirt, mud, microbes, insects, buffalo with bad breath .

When you've tired of suffering, exits from the local happy not having to pay for the experience and think that the buyers of these items are, you know, around us and unusually you intend to educate them.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La educación sobre gustos personales.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.924)

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