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Affective Debts

Debts are invaluable emotional, of eternal life and collection management overshadows the link.

Between a debtor and creditor there is a link.

Debtor is the creditor owed ​​anything. Creditor is owed ​​something to the debtor.

If A pays 100 to B, B is the debtor as A is a creditor of B.

As these terms cause confusion, it is good to try to remember that 'debtor' is to be, as well as a smoker is smoking, which frees deliverer, and so on.

From here it follows that "creditor" is the opposite situation. For I know of no word mnemonic as I suggested to remember which means 'debtor'.

As I said earlier, between a debtor and creditor there is a link. Not all debts are for lending money duty can also favors those who, having no economic value agreed with infinite value.

Right now I have these two cases infinite debt, which as you can pay for that same reason, ensure that the debtor-creditor bond is also infinite, ie eternal.

1) While parents have their children because they want usually happens then feel entitled to claim them "whatever you did for them."

In other words, some parents feel that their children owe their lives and the expense and inconvenience of parenting.

Given this conviction will be devoted parents to make collection management with varying degrees of subtlety.

As no legal system validates the right of parents over children, the link will be bleak, tense, irritated.

2) The spouse who does not want to be true but it is because the other demands it, some will try to charge you.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las deudas afectivas.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.954)

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