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The rich seem valuable because few

The air is essential but remains free because abounds, the rich are expendable, but they seem valuable because they are few.

Consider the following situation:

The last day of 1979, two people have different possessions: one is a book whose content is valuable for any human being and it cost ten dollars, the other person has those ten dollars because it was interesting who sold the book to its current holder .

Do you see? One is happy stroking his book and the other is serious because they have ten dollars in your pocket does not cause emotion.

The next day, January 1 1980, someone goes to the website the full content of the book, which is now available to anyone with access to a computer connected to the Internet.

If we look at the same two people will find that remain unchanged: one is happy to have the book and the other remains impassive with his ten dollars.

However, the economic situation has changed both because if the book is now available for most of humanity, its value has fallen dramatically. Maybe just keep the value of paper and covers, as the content is as accessible as the air we breathe.

These two people have modified their assets: if the last day of 1979 had the same "luck", the first day of 1980 the book owner has lost everything.

Put another way: until 12.31.1979 these people belonged to the same economic class, but as of 1 -1 to 1980, one is poor (the book owner) and the other is rich.

With these elements we can say that the abundance of a good (the book on the Web) and the scarcity devalues ​​what she values​​.

The rich seem valuable because few.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los ricos parecen valiosos porque son pocos.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.945)

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