domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Harassment in the fish hatchery

The stress (worry, anxiety, restlessness) is unpleasant but, in adequate doses, allows a better development of individual potential.

What shall I tell you a story that may be true or not, but you will see that this difference is irrelevant.

Apparently some fish farmers discovered that if finest specimens harvested in growing tanks entered a natural enemy of the species that grows.

I'll say with an example: consider a farm hake. If in large pools adds a shark, hake will taste better because the natural fear of predators causing them to develop their maximum genetic potential. Conversely, before adding this threat, hake unfolded in size but not in flavor. They were larger (obese) but less tasty.

The reasoning behind it:

Predators always eat the most vulnerable individuals because the fittest, flee or defend. Therefore Shark task is to keep on alert hake, displaying all the potentialities of the species, while that will be eating hake born with less strength.

Shark Another task is to remove the copies less tasty, the weak, the sick, the elderly. For this improvement in quality production: fish that survive are the best and these are the best paid in human consumers.

Now let us explain why it is important to know whether this is true or not.

If the reading you had the feeling that it is "truth", that means it finds credible threats we face in our societies improve growth (development) of its members. It may also be a person who usually worry that considers it a "necessary evil".

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Acoso en los criaderos de peces.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.947)

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