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The eventual triumph of prejudice

In the long term more luck help, suggestion and prejudice can succeed.

"Make your bed and lie fame," says a proverb, that like most has a point.

It happens very young. When someone comes up saying "this child is very studious" or "this girl is a great actress," perhaps you say to end an awkward silence in conversation, but for the children themselves, who lives desperate need for be loved, it is a casual outlook infallible oracle, dedicated to comply with exaggerated vigilance, because doing it-means he or she will not disappoint who predicted such a fate, thereby ensuring much-needed love.

But these individual phenomena also occur in large groups.

The Swiss have a reputation for timely, reliable bankers, experts prepare chocolate, disciplined, neat, discrete, and every child born in Switzerland feel the human need to be loved, so try to have, personally, features that are pride in their homeland.

Every people feel differentiated by some characteristic that gives identity to the rest.

The Uruguayans are famous for their football victories, the Germans for their industrial development, the French for their creativity.

These phenomena seem to be explained by the force of the imagination, beliefs, prejudices, suggestion.

The Uruguayans, and believe they are a people with a talent for football, imagine an investment that is almost infallible guide their uruguayita to practice the sport at an early age. Prejudicially believe that it would be premature to give him a ball when it is born. It is a collective suggestion that sometimes, it is confirmed by the facts.

In the very long term, plus the help of a lot of luck, suggestion and prejudice can succeed.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El eventual triunfo de los prejuicios.
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