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Why the customer is always right

The customer pays the provider the food it consumes the body of this.

When it is said that "the customer is always right", often thought of as seller, supplier, wholesaler, producer, manufacturer, service provider, is strictly faithful to the demand, order, to the application, the expectations of those who buy our work, time, production skill.

If the customer buys us something is because he can not provide itself some need or desire. Need help, cooperation, assistance.

The customer buys what he can not do alone.

Let your imagination just for the phenomenon of communication between you and me as possible.

If the client alone could do everything you need or want, our participation would be unnecessary and would cease to be our customer.

We work through the client can not do everything you need or want.

When we take the slogan that "the customer is always right 'are suggesting that the selling technique is to form part of his body, we must show solidarity (form a single solid) with him.

For example, if we work for our client is missing two more hands to get everything you need or want. We work as long as we act like those two hands that are missing our client.

When we say that it is always right to say that our performance will be to imagine that our hands, anatomically ours, must act with intelligence, brain, reason, the criterion of him and not with our criteria as when not sell our work because we are resting and using our hands as our reason.

He should pay for what you actually eat more if I had two hands.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Por qué el cliente siempre tiene razón.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.946)

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