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Maternity cases and social abuse

Women outraged by social abuse they suffer, protest and shout it when you stop, but not physical pain.

In another article I commented in the title and in the text, that "Childbirth is painful under compulsion" (1).

The subject earns interest if we assume that, anatomically and physiologically, there is no reason for the painful process of childbirth, although special, novel, unlike other sensations.

Often repeat with the idea that the only mission we have living beings in general is to conserve the species and, by inference, also repeat that in this one mission is the most committed female as does almost all the task of managing and raise new issues.

Another argument for why childbirth has to be painful for social obligation are as follows:

Although it is a natural phenomenon is excessively medicalized.

The whole society seems cahoots for pregnant women to undergo medical and police checks, as if the body in the game was not a free citizen of an animal but domesticated rigorously.

In countries where abortion is prohibited, the situation is more serious because not only should be subject to controls similar to those that meet the convicts on parole (report regularly to a police check), but are forced to gestate and care for almost two decades to be they do not want.

As women are worthy beings subject to inhuman conditions, they have no choice but to undergo allying with the enemy, pretending to adhere to these indignities, abuse that demeaning.

That alliance is manifested in that they are able to support the continuation of a macho philosophy.

Maternity cases may cry for social abuse they suffer.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las parturientas y el maltrato social.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.968)

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