domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

Good parents despite all

We allocate our resources to fight for social cause structural changes ..., but still be "good parents."

- It is true that the powerful want to weaken us not become competitors.

- It is true that the rich try to preserve their wealth, even at the expense of the poor suffer painful shortages the rich could avoid it without resenting their welfare.

- It is true that the educational systems of all countries are designed to preserve the differences between social classes, even when the rulers whisper, say or shout, they only aspire to a better world, to create human beings happy, that ' the most affected are the most privileged. "

All this supposedly is. I'm willing to admit it, but not to mention some caveats mandatory.

Those who have assumed the responsibility to be good "parents", regardless of our anatomical sex, men or women who have the responsibility to care for our loved ones when they can not make a living for themselves (children, elderly, sick, occupationally unemployed), we take into account that there are injustices (the powerful abuse, exploitation, poor distribution of wealth), but that can not justify to stop being "good parents."

Those who justify their reluctance are functional everything is supposedly wrong.

In other words: the injustices mentioned above are part of our habitat, are natural, they are not defined as crimes, although they are morally reprehensible, are characteristic of the stage where we have to act, is the reality that we had.

Comparable difficulties are obstacles imposed on us by nature, such as rain, snow, earthquakes.

Maybe we can use some of our time, energy and resources to fight for social cause structural changes ..., but still be "good parents."

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Buenos padres de familia pese a todo.

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