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Labor pains and responsible citizens

Although not biologically painful childbirth in our culture need to be sons indebted (¿guilty?) of mothers suffering.

In two papers (with videos) above (1), I have commented that the birth of the mammalian anatomically and physiologically is not painful, but nevertheless hurts. Sometimes it hurts so much that women cry in despair.

Labor pain exists, which may happen is that pain causes are not known but the popularly other.

Common sense says, with conviction, that if the head of a child from the vagina, can only occur under extremely traumatic, painful, sacrificial.

Common sense does not take into account that the transient change in the elasticity of the tissues is hormonally default.

To support this belief for centuries we have to have reasons, for example, that women dramatize the experience suits them, ie give a transcendent value, exciting, spectacular.

Of course, lying is an individual phenomenon, not collective. The groups can never organize to keep false data. So labor pain is unnecessary, theoretically impossible, but for this to keep women must really suffer, for which they should be sugestionadas, convinced and mesmerized by the popular belief in painful childbirth.

In short, many women have births mortifying highly painful, frightening.

One consequence of this popular belief has to do with the debt of gratitude which the human being from the moment of birth. Someone had to "sacrifice" for he was born.

In fact no one notices how our parents enjoyed at the time of conception (fertilization). Nobody thinks that we are the result of a passionate experience, eroticism supreme a wonderful enjoyment.

Suffering mothers and children prefer eternally indebted (¿guilty?).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los dolores del parto y los ciudadanos culpables.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.950)

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