jueves, 25 de julio de 2013

The abundance appealing or irritating

When we benefit, we exaggerated abundance (to learn or heal), but when we feel envy, exaggerated abundance rejected.

Some say that for a good teacher to teach a gram has to know a kilo, meaning a thousand times more.

Is it true? I do not know, depends on:

- Of educational philosophy;
- Of the advertising claims of the school where it does that good teacher;
- Expectations of students and the demands of those who pay the teaching of those students.

Of course, someone may ask: Is it not more important to teach a good teacher knows how little or much you know?

Do not miss the funny of birth as follows: "It is preferable rich and healthy than poor and sick. "Or, better adjusted to the case:" It is preferable to someone who knows a lot and teach either a known bit and teach evil. "

Everything would be relatively easy if we ciñéramos strictly to the advantages or disadvantages of a certain educational institution, but it happens that our minds are not as strict, and when we agree, is drawing parallel conclusions do have more significance.

For example, who can,-but not all-who want, try to consult their doctors discomforts most exalted, those who have written books, directed a chair, speakers who charge a fortune for sixty-minute presentation to colleagues gaping with astonishment of such wisdom.

Maybe when we are missing one gram who seek health can give us a kilo of medicine.

However, there is another case that is more controversial. If we know that someone spends a thousand times more than we do for a living, we started to feel bad in such abundance.

The issue seems to be explained thinking that when we benefit, (learning or healing us), exaggerated abundance want, but when we feel envy, exaggerated abundance rejected.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La abundancia atractiva o irritante.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.951)

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