domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Aggressiveness and conservation of the species

Perhaps we need more aggressive nature because consumerism has become apathetic to to conserve the species.

All points of view are interesting, although some more than others.

Most interesting are those that confirm our beliefs and less interesting that the question. If in addition to challenge them, oppose, the discount or ignore, those views become unfriendly.

Paradoxically, the radical opposition, angry, combative, is much more interesting than the indifferent.

The confrontation naturally excites our duality, ambivalence, duplication, inconsistency. The opponents we sulk, but how useful they are! If they knew how much benefit would moderate his enemies may attack.

Harassment, molestation, also called bullying has always existed, but now seems more serious, acute concern.

Always existed within the combatant groups, including people prepared for the armed defense of the country, to combat crime, to neutralize the terrorist attacks.

For these professionals of violence is natural, fun, but also necessary.

The deal between superiors and subordinates is rude, rude, rough, overbearing, irritating. The banter between the same hierarchy are tasteless, heartless. The concept of fun is quite different from the civilians.

But I repeat: this working environment, student and professional is part of training.

In civil society was scarce, but now appears more frequently and worries parents, teachers, law enforcement authorities.

One reason for this collective sense is determined, or at least favored by most commonly circulating information.

Another reason could be given for excess facilities, typical of modernity, we are dangerously atrophied.

Perhaps we need more aggressive nature, thoughtful, tense, because consumerism has made us lazy, fat, not wanting to conserve the species.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La agresividad y la conservación de la especie.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.966)

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