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Love without words but with gifts

Advertising installing blackmails us the idea that if we do it because we love gifts.

In another article (1) accused medical practices indirectly impoverish our ability to communicate through speech.

The argument is that doctors hardly listen to us because for them it is more practical to order a number of tests to try to understand the inconsistent descriptions we usually do those who consult them as a last resort, because there is no choice, frightened by the situation, fearing tragic diagnosis, imagining the implementation of invasive therapeutic procedures, bloody, excruciating, fearing drastic life change, impoverishing our quality of life, irreversible, distressing.

Do not know how to speak well because we were outside impoverishes society, we lose ability to contribute and to defend our ideas, we lose opportunities to dialogue, negotiate, claim, demand, civilized.

More than three years ago I commented in another article (2) that the development of the symbolic function that allows us to talk is essential to convert our most primitive instincts in others better adapted to civilized coexistence. For example, instead of settling our differences of opinion by violent means, we can talk, talk, persuade, or rather to reproduce without any family planning can sublimate the sexual instinct for other forms of production, better adapted to improve the quality of their own and others lives.

In this article I comment other reason we undermines the development of the symbolic function, and above all, speech.

The market economy subtly leads us to our expressions of affection are made without words and gifts.

Traders invest in advertising that blackmails us massively, installing the idea that if we do gifts on mother or grandfather or friend, do not show love them.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El amor sin palabras pero con regalos.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.953)

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