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Difficulties to collect what you owe us

Unconsciously we encourage you to pay us our debtors delay what we need.

Money has value

- By purchasing power gives us,
- By the effort it costs us win and also
- By the effort it costs us to collect it.

People who pay what they owe us late or imposing on difficulties, delays, waiting, reminder calls, you indirectly increase the subjective value you assign to that money the day we collect it.

Here corresponds to comment prior to further develop the idea.

It seems it might be true what they say about psychoanalysis there is a part of our psyche that is unknown to us but has a great influence on our beliefs, perceptions, opinions, preferences, criteria, subjective sensations.

In other words, if we accept the existence of this unknown part of our psyche, we would also accept the hypothesis that we can have a good opinion of something that subconsciously disqualify and we take a dim view of something that basically prefer.

That said, it is possible to suggest that if it is true that nobody likes (consciously) be wasting time and energy to collect what else we should pay, on an unconscious level that these difficulties can occur for what is already ours , make subjectively (unconsciously) that add value to cost us so much money to charge.

Put another way: If two people we have 1,000 and we pay at the agreed time, without cause us major difficulties and other imposes all the hassles and delays imaginable, we consciously angry with the defaulter (demoron, defaulting), but unconsciously we end up feeling that it received 1,000 seem more valuable and therefore we gratify (reward, pleasing) than the 1,000 received on time.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Dificultades para cobrar lo que nos deben.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.938)

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