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The economic and sexual disinterest

If we look at the word "own", we can say that some pathological poverty are associated with sexual disinterest and apathy erotic.

In the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the third meaning of the word "own" (1), says: "A person said: Having carnal knowledge of any."

I tried unsuccessfully to find a definition of "carnal knowledge."

According to the dictionary, in our language is consistent to say "my wife", connoting that possession is similar to the possession of objects or livestock (farm animals).

Colloquially one says "Jane Doe John Doe possessed" but possession seems way while it is possible to hear "He possessed," to express, something euphemistically, that fornicated with her, or that 'had sex with her "or that , speaking in a register rather rioplatense, "caught".

But back to the same source is acknowledged: the first meaning of the word "own", says: "A person said: Possessing something."

As I stressed in several articles (2), is the mammalian female that is in heat and the male that calls for the fertilizing when she is ovulating.

Although humans have invented barrier methods, each sexual act is an attempt reproductive. They summon the man who would like to father your children and if this is available, enjoy making love with the fantasy of being played, but a conscious level they know they can trust the condom, IUD, anovulatory, or vasectomy.

Also in another article (3) I have commented that having an estate is an act of responsibility: we are responsible for what we have.

In short we can say that these ideas apathetic inhibited sexuality, both possession of women (possess) and possession of assets.

Some are associated with poverty pathological sexual disinterest and apathy erotic.


Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El desinterés sexual y económico.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.952)

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