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Free will and fear of mad

The belief in free will has the primary stimulus crazy fear to lose control.

In colloquial language, like we were in a cafe, mental health is correct when we have a bit of everything: kindness, serenity, intolerance, aggression, patience, reading comprehension, ability to do math, talent to understand abstract concepts, talkativeness, emotional sensitivity, confidence, reliance, responsibility, and the list may be too extensive.

I repeat: we are good when all the features of the psyche, just mentioned, and we have a little bad when some of them have too much or too little.

We are not good if you are too kind, and we're fine when we're too irritable.

These terms of being good or evil never really exist because what we enjoy or suffer are intermediate states, ie a little better or a little bad.

Metaphorically speaking, our psyche moves in a gray area, which will, no catch, from pure white to pure black.

We all need to have a sense of self-control, is the basic and most important way to have power. When we can not control our emotions suffer painful anxiety, fear explode, fragmenting. We despair, anxiety climbs.

Often fear madness. Many people fear losing control of their emotions, crazy, feeling insane possessed by a force that leads to acts of terrible consequences, such as kill, jump into the void, destroy, injure, give away the essentials.

As a defensive reaction, it is often the belief in free will and the rejection of determinism.

To believe that all our actions are beyond our control concern to those who fear mad, lose control and commit some folly that life will become an eternal hell.

However, these fears are nothing more than mere fantasies go wild is very difficult.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El libre albedrío y el temor a enloquecer.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.962)

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