martes, 23 de julio de 2013

Disimulamos the need for love

We dressed up weak strong need of love. We have to hide for reasons of social and márquetin affective strategy.

- "I do not care to speak ill of me. I worry that they speak of me. "

- "He is terribly womanizer, alcoholic and party animal, but every night sleeping in my bed."

- "Sometimes I treated with extreme rudeness, but I know he loves me. What happens is that it has a very limited vocabulary. "

- "I do not know what would have I done! When he entered, did not greet me. "

Our preferences are not subject to logic and common sense, let alone what would be an imaginary ideal human being.

But something one could say with a good chance of success: "We need to be loved."

The feeling that we are accepted, loved, sought, important, is imperative, but for cultural reasons we should hide.

Why do we have to hide? Because we also need to show strong, self-sufficient, a little indifferent, almost invulnerable.

Why we need to show that strong? Because we need to be loved!

Indeed: we are wanted as long as we can be as useful as a mother with her young son. The mother-child bond is the predominant model of love. So love who could help us, protect us, save us.

The truth is that we are and we act like children but for reasons of social strategy, a marketing affective, we have a strength and self-sufficiency appear false.

The firmness, security in our opinions, financial solvency, prestige, are necessary features that many people look at us yearning for our favor, attention, care, protection, collaboration.

The situation is quite untenable because it is false, impostada, theatrical. Just believe in our apparent to those who through intellectual and emotional instability are not in a position to choose as any could use please.

In short: we are weak disguised strong, in need of love.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Disimulamos la necesidad de amor.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.949)

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