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The individualism of believers in God

Most who believe in God choose to remain independent (individualism) from the rest of those likely to share their beliefs.

To be a specialist in cancer (oncology) are not required to have suffered this disease. With a similar approach I share with you a comment that refers to religion even though I'm an atheist.

In a previous article (1) I commented that a majority of people love perfection and imperfection regrets.

This is because that most people understand that life is upset that things are not quite right and assume that if it were not for our imperfections (we are mortal, we lie, we are tired, feel pain, stop loving whom we loved, we vices we seek physical pleasure) ... if it were not for our imperfections, he said, would live well and to not commit the errors causing death.

The strong attachment that most feel for perfection manifests believing that there is a perfect God, omnipotent, all-knowing and that is immensely fair, ie has everything we need.

As I can see that majority could be composed of three groups of people:

- The largest group consists of "believers", ie people who have a moderate approach to God, who call themselves believers, who do not adhere to any particular congregation and who see the religious phenomenon in its own way, as they prefer, according its discretion;

- The largest minority group is composed of "religious", that is, people who are "faithful and accurate in the line of duty" that imposes a certain doctrine (Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal);

- The minority group is composed of the "clergy", ie, "persons who have received the holy order", with total dedication, disciplined to do the bidding of his church.

Most anyone does not obey and obeys the minority itself.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El individualismo de los creyentes en Dios.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 1.932)

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