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Causes of moodiness

All of our states of mind (happiness, sadness, excitement, depression) are generated by bodily phenomena and express a dysfunction.

Depression, sadness, feelings of worthlessness, are rarely exogenous and endogenous are almost always.

I say this in another way: our feelings result from the subjective perception of certain body states own and rarely are the result of something that happens outside of ourselves.

I say this in another way: The mental illnesses are mostly caused by body aches that do not manifest with physical discomfort but only manifest with moods, notwithstanding which, sometimes things happen outside of us, we dislike, cause us grief, bitterness.

I say this in another way: the misfortune of others can make us sad, but it happens because we identify with the victim, we put in place. Most of our mood ailments occur because our body or our circumstances are not working well.

We have a body that fits almost any circumstances, but it takes time and, as it transforms to adapt, we may have some unpleasant sensations : pain, weakness, sadness, moodiness, fear.

Although it sounds weird, our philosophy is part of or closely integrated into our body. We think what we think because our body is like and also our body reacts reacts like what our philosophy.

For example, if our philosophy includes the belief that there are some tasks that denigrate who make them, our body will react with great discomfort if you force them to perform these tasks.

For example, if our philosophy includes the certainty that we are comprised of a material part, mortal and corrupt, more spiritual part, immortal, incorruptible, reluctantly feel when we have to work because the body demands food.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Causas del malhumor.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.029)

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