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Literature, disease and poverty

In the literature we find reflections on the disease that could also apply to economic poverty.

I always make the greatest effort in my power to be clear, easy to understand, but in this case I am a special situation because I have to plantearles a different situation.

In this case, you will not understand why everything. Must comply with some ideas get confusing, inaccurate, that when in contact with their minds, produce or exchange any effect, but not immediately, as when we read something that is understood immediately.

Indeed, the following suggestion may have a long term effect. Maybe someday enjoy the benefits of having read this article, but have no evidence of how it happened that gain.

The idea is to think that unemployment, lack of job, income, functions as a disease as serious as we believe it is serious that lack of money.

In the literature, the most inspired writers have compared to disease in many ways. For example, a disease or lack of sufficient income:

- It is a divine punishment, supernatural, demonic (ancient literature, Bible, Iliad, Odyssey) ;

- Is a sign of moral and social decay (Ghosts, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen) ;

- Destination is a consequence of infallible (various) ;

- Works as painful stimulus for some artistic or intellectual geniuses, who (illness or economic hardship) morally tone (Uncle Tom 's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe the U.S.) ;

- Can operate as revolutionary impulse, libertarian, redeemer (The Lady of the Camellias by French writer Alexandre Dumas [son]) ;

- The Calamity enhances awareness of the complexities of life and inevitable death (Dead Irish writer James Joyce).

 What we think of the disease can also think about the job vacancy.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Literatura, enfermedad y pobreza.

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