viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

The art rejuvenating

The art is to find other ways of being, we keep waiting for these stimuli that allow them to germinate to rejuvenate.

Artists are many, but I'll make a comment on one Chinese, born in 1957 and called Ai Wei Wei.

In the attached picture you can see one of his works that, for most of us, is nothing more than a pile of 866 arbitrary three-legged stools.

These wooden pieces are just that: seats made of wood, which all may have ever used to sit.

Looking at the construction, nothing will happen to us, surely we will meet you sense, is unlike anything we've seen before.

However, as you can move around inside, we will be tempted to think it's a tunnel, or a labyrinth.

When we make this comparison have a moderate relief from uncertainty (what is this?) And perplexity (what is this?).

A disturbing factor is given by the familiarity we have with the parts (the stools, wooden seats).

The perplexity, that generates concern, mobilizes more generic feeling: the anxiety.

This phenomenon is known as one of its merits have no explanation. While this "installation" was named by the author with the name "Bang" also knew another "bang" to compare with this.

If I could say something understandable in the previous paragraphs, it is time to go ashore the idea behind this article.

Art is a way of mobilizing our being. Try to encourage us that we remain the same as always, that we can know (ourselves) because, within, are expecting a lot of potential that we have not developed due to lack of encouragement, of opportunity, of a 'Bang' destructuring that allows us to rearm.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El arte juvenecedor.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.041)

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