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The yield and stress

The performance of any activity is proportional to the stress of their realization, but the reverse is not true.

It is popular and well known among economists a formula according to which the return on investments is directly proportional to the risk, ie a more profitable investment is the higher are the chances of suffering a loss.

Of course, as the formula is quite vague, as it is also true that the greater the odds of losing, no matter if the gain is huge as it is very liable to be lost.

It would not be strange that a man retired candy make more money selling a banker who made a big investment and he lost everything.

Therefore, the attempt to find reliable formulas, we alleviate the anguish of uncertainty, it is often illusory.

In fact, year after year, they give Nobel Prizes rigorously the smartest economists and, mockingly, poverty, if not increase, in the best case, remains unchanged.

But we have to assume that these are the levels of certainty we can expect of science in general. With the exception of physics and chemistry, the other winning activities (medicine, literature, peace and economics) are very subjective assessment, arguably on.

This article is to propose a different and maybe you could give us some guidance.

The formula says that there is a close link between stress quantitative and profitability of any business.

In other words, if an activity is profitable, it is hardly reassuring, peaceful, smooth, soothing.

The reverse need not be true, ie, if a worker is stressed, worries, have a lot of anxiety and trouble, not necessarily a profit to compensate you.

Worse stress, by itself, generates losses.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La rentabilidad y el estrés.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.042)

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