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One advantage of sick

Frustrations help us live, perhaps we lived because we often sick without both conditions would live badly.

Someone has said that man is a sick animal. May not be so much to say that man is an animal a little sicker than others.

I think we're doing something right because, while we suffer from multiple deficiencies, vulnerabilities, accidents are one of the longer-lived species.

Course we can not compare ourselves with the longest living, to which he calculated an age of 100,000 (you read that right: one hundred thousand years ago). The Posidonia oceanic (1), is a vegetable which extends at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and occupies large areas.

Also lost in life expectancy with several trees, but humans, sick and all, survived almost all the animals around us (dogs, cats, birds, fish, cattle, horses).

These reflections surrounding a topic I come commenting recent times (2) and refers to the need for us to have something to dissatisfaction, some frustration, that our desires and needs are never fully exhausted.

It should not surprise us that our predisposition to sick longevity is associated with that which places us among the animals most durable.

In other words: we are very sick animals but animals are also living longer healthier than others.

It is reasonable to establish a causal link between the two characteristics, ie live many years because we have poor health.

One would think that if it were true that we should be a little dissatisfied and a little frustrated with the satisfaction of our needs and desires, diseases are an endless source of dissatisfaction and frustration.

In short, perhaps we lived because we are exposed to sick and this is good.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Una ventaja de enfermar.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.059)

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