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So too were educated

This article recalls some lessons that we all get on the school stage and not on the programs.

What is our first lesson, that we got when we were kids, most naive, restless, curious?

In general we think that during those six or seven years we reported on language, mathematics, history, geography and some other issues.

So that does not say anything because it corresponds so surely all know.

Try to remember other teachings that more explicitly included.

For example, we were taught to live for a few hours in a pyramid scheme, which had principals, assistant principals, secretaries, psychologists, teachers, assistants, caretakers, janitors, repairmen of what is often damaged (paint, furniture, masonry, glass, electricity, health).

In that area who's boss learned more, more and who obeys every middle grades. According to the organization of our school, we learned that in many cases students are those who have less power, but in others, students may hold a despotic power, that shakes up the highest levels because any student discomfort is severely punished.

Indirectly learned some notions of punctuality, time management, timing in the advancement of the subjects taught, progressive organization in difficulty.

We also learned something then we can apply elsewhere in study, work and even institutional confinement: there are hours of confinement, labor, deprivation, interspersed with moments of recreation, entertainment, distraction.

Most likely had bullying practices (as victims or perpetrators) and theoretical and practical notions on the Law of silence (omerta), that rule itself of the Sicilian Mafia and terrible penalties applied to those who report crimes, irregularities, mischief.

We leave school knowing that the strongest, charismatic and cruel rule, with inconsiderate despotism, the weak, boring, pious.

So we were brought up.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Así también fuimos educados.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.039)

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