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The self-deceptive advertising of directors

I dare say that most proponents of magic recipes to get money cheat because they are self-deceived.

When we need to get money to buy what we need to live (food, clothing, shelter), we have two options: either we ourselves or we ask someone to think for us.

The classical way to delegate the task of thinking, to seek solutions, is to ask who we assume might have an answer.

The person consulted, both can give us some advice as you can give directly the solution (money or time).

For reasons of economy of effort, always try to make the person consulted directly give us the solution, however, statistically, most of the time we received a tip.

Also statistically, that advice seems irrelevant, unfriendly, inconsiderate, out of reality.

This opinion we deserve the advice is generally correct, because others always say it would be useful to them or, worse, we communicate a message that magnify its image. Therefore, the advice often include great efforts, patience, study and other qualities that the counselor may not have.

If these considerations are correct, we should conclude that asking for advice is very helpful.

For years, the advice can be searched on the Internet. The situation is the same : who advise on the web they do to make people believe that they have surpassed others consult them, which is false.

I say this in another way: those who publish on the web advice on what we should do, want others to the imagine at a higher level, as if they had already solved the problem of getting enough money to meet their needs and desires.

I dare say that almost all recipes proponents to make money, cheat because they are self-deceived.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La engañosa auto publicidad de los consejeros.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.023)

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