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The economics of teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy anticipates the change in ownership of the female body. Parents and society reluctantly yield it.

By the head of a teenage girl who learns of her pregnancy goes a flood of emotions, ideas and above all fears, which seem deadly, not least because she would die at the thought of what is coming: angry parents, teachers uncomfortable, friends mocking, unpredictable boyfriend, in short, go through your head around what she would think and feel if another girl the same thing happened to him.

Nature does not notice these cultural nonsense. The conservation of the species is legislated by the way of the facts: the young are excited, always assume that love and ecstasy purifies everything, saves and protects.

The predominant thought in the sublime moment when events rush and are in free fall, it is always the same: "I ​​do not happen to me".

This article is in this blog intended to money because in these circumstances the most serious conflicts have much to do with issues related to private property:

- People who are angry because the girl was pregnant she used improperly feel a body of which they are owners. Parents, grandparents, uncles, say shame but really feel that the girl was not even her own body to "usárselos", "taking without permission", "gozárselos";

- When the religious rulers and force women to not disrupt any pregnancy, are clearly showing that the woman has her body on loan, perhaps rented, loaned it and should take care of;

- The girl feels unfairly used as prey is something you want. I wanted to keep playing but bad luck imposed tasks, commitments and responsibilities overwhelming.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La economía del embarazo adolescente.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.048)

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