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More royalist than the king

Those who appear to be " more royalist than the king " are hidden violators of the prohibition of incest and other obligations.

Living things have many forms and behaviors that differentiate us : birds , mammals, fish , plants, microbes. The variety is great.

Humans , like other living things , we also have features that set us apart from the rest.

One such feature is that we observe with special attention, but we can say that other species do as well.

Some say that humans forbid incest to be part of the groups ( herds ? ) We created that we call "culture."

Anthropologists confirm that, in one way or another, in every culture there is this fundamental requirement : the members are prevented from satisfying a very intense desire : to copulate with a relative (mother , father, brother ) .

Therefore, so that we can enjoy the benefits of being considered human , we must meet the requirement to abstain from satisfying a desire so strong as that of forming a married couple with an immediate family member .

Sure we are not as submissive as to respect this ban and stay very quiet. Our head transgressive restless and not to invent strategies for cheating , circumventing the prohibition , sin , crime.

Is that the price of admission in human society is not only the prohibition of incest , then we add on - rates as they are to respect private property , monogamy , do not lie .

These social abuses shift managers ( leaders , parents, state, religion , employers, teachers ) , we generate doubt, uncertainty , anxiety , dissatisfaction , desires to increase attempts transgressors.

As a way of avoiding the costs that are added to the prohibition of incest , some transgressors prohibited simulators seem more than they are asked . From them we say ' are more realistic than the king. "

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Más realistas que el rey.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.045)

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