martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

If we do not get tired hiding accept

If we avoid meet the advice of others, we will prioritize our interests if we do agree, we will not tire hiding.

Human energy is far from abundant. A few hours of working or studying we got tired, we have to stop, sit, lie down. Moreover, every few months we have to rest abandoning the usual task because we need to distract, take vacations, dedicate ourselves to something else.

Given this lack of energy and being that there is no way to increase it (except that using drugs such as cocaine, anesthetize the feelings of fatigue and allow us to continue working until you go there effect and feel all the accumulated fatigue), no we have no choice but to administer it intelligently.

In other words: that we have a good quality of life, with power to enjoy it and to win the money we need, we can not waste it unproductively.

Humans know how to rationalize the use of non-human energy sources, but we tend to be inefficient managing the amount of energy itself.

Since decades ago, we realized that oil is a nonrenewable energy, who depend on the fuel began to look for ways to economize.

In seeking to optimize the performance of discovered petroleum know how to economize, optimize yields, rationalize consumption.

The auto industry, for example, decreased the weight of the body, improved the design to reduce air resistance (aerodynamics), refined lubricants reduce friction, looked for ways to enhance the engine without increasing consumption.

All these innovations economizer can be applied to reduce human energy consumption, so we can spare us unnecessary losses.

For example, if we first meet our desire, we will gain quality of life, if we avoid meet the advice of others, we will prioritize our interests if we accept we will never tire hiding.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Si nos aceptamos no nos cansamos disimulando.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.026)

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