viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Why is there the sacred

Uncertainty bother us and we do anything to avoid it. Sacralizamos not to think ; become sacred so we prefer to ignore.

The word "sanctify" means "to give sanctity to what was not", and, in turn, is considered to be something or someone is 'sacred' because "inspires reverence and respect".

These ideas make us think that attitude that humans tend to adopt when we want something or someone gets special treatment different from that given all his fellows.

That special treatment usually consists, for example, not to point out their flaws in their unconcealed passion justify mistakes, take it as such, (including forcing the facts); idealizing his image, his memory, enshrining his figure as with the heroes.

Probably this is because, deep down, we want to avoid the uncertainty, doubt, insecurity of day - to- day. Sacralizamos someone or something because you want that there are more certainties than we have.

The real certainties are too few: tomorrow is another day, everything falls and that nothing in the air for a long time, that someday we will die. Maybe you can add some other certainty confirmed, but I do not remember any other.

The question is this mortifying truth erratic search ultimately inconclusive... beyond doubt.

When sacralizamos someone, or something (person, god, myth, historical interpretation), we generated, by consensus, a certainty artificial, deliberately fabricated, a lie with truth hierarchy.

To consecrate we put a spanner in the progress on why sacralizamos. You can never investigate that person, or myth, or historical interpretation. By making it 'sacred truth' we put an end to the issue because they want to continue discussing, thinking, DOUBTING.

In short sacralizamos not to think; become sacred so we prefer to ignore.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Por qué existe lo sagrado.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.061)

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