martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

The end of boring work

Perhaps in the future we do not need to suffer like Jesus Christ to earn their bread by the sweat of our boredom.

For some it may be interesting to know more about the gamification ( 1), otherwise I tell them from the English word "game", meaning "play".

In Castilian can intuitively understand the concept if we talk about ludificación, jueguización or juguetización.

It's turning into play some tasks that originally were not. For example, getting a strange sound to throw waste in a suitable container, find fun surprises in hiring an air ticket online, or move a ladder in which each step you step beeps as if it were the a piano key.

This phenomenon, in the form of ludificación, just beginning to work now, although the technique of stimulating certain actions through awards always existed.

This beginning is due to the development and popularization of video games. These can be enjoyed for free on the web and are incorporated into cell phones.

Futurists predict something that seems reasonable : Someday, the ludificación work will not be as boring or monotonous, or discouraging as it is today (courses in 2013 ).

Currently working under pressure to make money to live. The only incentive we have is to collect at the end of each month to pay off debts and so, month after month, until we retire..., and begin to draw your pension, to keep doing the same until death.

This boring sentence starts at school age.

Indeed, education systems teach us things that do not concern us morally preparing for one day bored out of obligation.

The model so far received is that of the poor sufferer crucified Jesus of Nazareth, but then resurrected.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El fin del trabajo aburrido.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.047)

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