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Under certain conditions, wealth corrupts

When someone runs every desire, is "living dead", corrupted, rotten (silver?) Without moral values​​, as any died.

It is true that economic wealth corrupts, but as long as certain conditions are met.

The word " corrupt" means several things like (1):

Alter and invert the shape of something, to spoil, deprave, damage, rot, bribe someone with gifts or otherwise, or seduce someone pervert, pervert, vitiate.
All these actions revolve around his cause: the desire.

Desire is a feeling that is like a necessity, but with the feature that if not met nothing serious can happen. For example, if someone has the need to eat and is not satisfied, can quickly die, but if someone has the desire to listen to music and is not satisfied, nothing serious can happen.

By contrast, and somewhat paradoxically, is the satisfaction of desire radical which could take away the will to live.

Desires are psychological states that lead us to seek certain stimuli, while not vital, such as hunger, when you meet moderately contribute to improving the quality of life. However, when you meet radically, man falls into states of apathy, indifference, emotional numbness, sadness, death wishes for lack of desire to live.

Who never should have much money or much power ? They need to be poor and powerless who can not control the desire and attempt to apply their availability (money and power) to meet their desires radically.

When we die our body rots, decays and, similarly, when we lose the will to live because we exhaust all our desires, then we're "living dead", corrupt, rotten, no moral values ​​, like any person died.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): En ciertas condiciones, la riqueza corrompe.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.030)

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