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Political satire

Political satire reinforces the power of the rulers because people end up believing that their acts of corruption are humorous.

This article is linked thematically to another (1) which also make mention of the symbolic function of the mind, by which popular wisdom metaphorical concludes that "barking dog does not bite".

In that article I emphasize the fact that the war games are useful to deal effectively with human aggression and, with its use, we would avoid many acts of real violence and irreversible.

The aforementioned thematic linking of this article is given because they 'll make a comment about the funny jokes that some artists make politicians.

As spectators applaud these actions for several reasons:

The first, and most obvious, we celebrate the genuine fun that we cause.

Second, because we are also able to laugh with nerves, fear, surprise. When we think, "How dare this person say what he says, for all to hear, and probably also the victim?" Feel fear others. We assume that the powerful ruler apply full power of the state to punish the audacity of whoever dares to mock him.

Third, we want to applaud because surely encourage this suicide seems to defend the abuse of power of those who govern us.

Fourth, we also celebrate belong to a country where freedom of expression reaches the limit grossly offend so unusual and that nothing happens to the aggressor.

Fifth, - and this is more difficult to perceive, because we put ourselves in the place of the ruler of the actor who mocks. I wish for us not so much angry emotional maturity!

In short, political satire reinforces the power of the powerful.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): 
La sátira política.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.057)

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