lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Never mind that a prediction is misconceived

Calm our anxiety with both predictions and tolerate their errors, the difference between "successful" and "misguided" seems insignificant.

Predicting is, as the word implies, "say before", anticipate information, unveil the mystery of what will happen at a future time.

Not predict communicate that "tomorrow we will meet in my office to discuss the advertising criteria of next season", because in this case it is a plan, something programmed schedule.

However, in this case, would "predict" noting that three minutes before the meeting, a plane with mechanical problems fall within the meeting room preventing us use it.

 Predicting is anticipating something that never happens and nobody (or almost nobody), he knows.

Not predict the change of seasons because it always happens with complete regularity, nor is predicting a living say that perish, but indicate to predict when will the death.

Those who believe in predictions suffer from the intense stress that causes uncertainty. What more do these people need is someone to tell them what will happen, but this advance has no reason to be true.

In other words, anxiety about what will happen is calm with a message that has the form of a forecast, whether that content is correct.

For example: we want to know what the weather will this afternoon, for which we try to find some information submitted by a person to show us maps, drawings, logos, icons and that smooth in diction, speak quickly, as if he which says that memory happen to know (because that will happen this afternoon, and before anything bad happened and we went).

Tolerate both the prediction errors that the difference between "right" and "unfortunate" considering negligible ended.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): No importa que una predicción sea desacertada.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.025)

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