jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

The essential unfulfilled desires

Contrary to common sense, we can not live without unfulfilled desires. We love who we are pleased to only some, but not all.

The man was madly in love with this woman. She liked him and loved him. I was in love.

When women terminated their reproductive looking for a partner who is loving, protective. Looking for a good friend. If this does well in sex play better, but not essential.

In this case, quite often, the man dreamed of women and not let him lack nothing. Any hint of it, subtle as it was, it triggered an avalanche of gifts.

She liked it so generously but got to the point that was careful to express a wish that could be satisfied with gifts because overwhelmed her many gifts. I had trouble making gestures of surprise and gratitude that usually expected in these acts of generosity.

However, they had very bitter fights, even though he ran several hundred miles just to see her and be kissed tenderly. What was the reason for so many fights? That he did not quite separate and divorce his wife.

She did not want more gifts, I wanted free, divorced.

One day the long-awaited moment came: the radiant entered the small apartment and said, exulting: "I started divorce proceedings. I come to live with from now on!"

Surely you are thinking what it: "What a joy !,Finally! " But you and she were wrong: the long-awaited news fell like a bucket of cold water, he felt anguish. Not only did not know how to thank the endless gifts but knew not welcome this good news.

In short: This woman, like any other human being can not live without unfulfilled desires.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los imprescindibles deseos insatisfechos.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.046)

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