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Manolito influence of Mafalda

Manolito, being an anti-hero of the comic strip Mafalda, discourages economic prosperity desire of its readers.

The cartoons are part of our ecosystem.

Just like living in a very hot and humid difficult physical and mental activity, as well as live in a very cold, with long winters and short periods of sunlight make it difficult to outdoor life, the influence of the comics also favor, or disadvantage, certain behaviors.

If I had my honor personalities connoted 'm sure the monument to Quino occupy a special place in my city.

This great philosopher of the 20th century and 21 is influencing us even more than the generals who changed history with bullets.

The joke in the comic strip Mafalda Quino is because shows a reflection of how we are. He draws us even in our deepest intentions. Perhaps our mother unless he knows us, so many of us love dearly.

In this blog would accommodate many issues, due to its direct or indirect link with "Money and poverty pathological", but only make a brief mention of the character that explicitly addresses issues of "money" : Manolito.

In almost all Spanish speaking culture, Latin American, the Galicians are a model of hard working, thrifty and poorly educated.

With reference to immigrants who came to America in the first half of the 20th century, we assume that are crude, gross, hard working, stingy, incapable of committing crimes, very religious, economically prosperous because they are considered as tireless workers like ants.

Manolito 's location in the comic strip is an anti-hero. Few readers would wish to identify with him, so I think that this cartoon discourages economic prosperity of their hardcore readers.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La influencia de Manolito de Mafalda.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.045)

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