miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Our desires to convince everyone

Those who hold our personal tastes (user reviews) can never change the shape of feelings of those who are listening to us, but it would like.

In a perhaps not-so-distant future, people will comment: "A few decades ago was normal that long time be devoted to substantiate personal preferences with rational arguments".

Would not be strange that also say: «the media of that time invoiced money by advertising in hearings where some participants polemizaban, sometimes with great passion, on why logical thought what they thought».

Of course that is not my forte to guess the future but I not escaped to this futile task based (1) why I am in favour of the decriminalization of abortion approved by the Uruguayan Parliament in October 2012.

None of my arguments are just as valid to change the way others feel. Nor are valid arguments that can say any other human being. The opinion on this and other topics is something very personal that, in any case is in tune with the entire body and not with some kind of logic particularly more valuable than the others.

What we can do in any case is to expose some arguments to display, show, make known, how our head, so that others can say: «José is very smart», «Maria is very humanitarian», «Pedro is a religious devotee», «Magdalena think like most».

However, the public exhibition of the arguments underpinning our way of thinking, does not have as main reason let us know but to create a universal order; What we want is to legislate; We aspire to dropping the entire species of knees before our unquestionable, aplastadoramente convincing logic, possessor of a force so invincible to the our partners listen blade's mouth open, admiring us subjugated.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Nuestros anhelos de convencer a todos.
(This is the Article Nº 1.735)

martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

The curative fantasies about sexuality

Many fantasies related to the alleviation and cure of diseases arising from self-preservation and sexuality.

I will share with you a comment related to the assumption according to which all living (humans included) have for basic and most important function, conserve the species, for which we also have to take care of individual (1).

This condition causes for human sexual function is the most important, because it reaches even to food (ingestion, digestion, evacuation), personal hygiene, health.

If sexuality is the central role in our lives, then we can understand how much importance we attach to our reproductive organs: testicles, penis, uterus, ovaries, vulva, breasts.

When I exhibited this preamble I can approach the subject of this article.

Fantasies of healing most likely originate in the reproductive organs.

Males fantasize that women would suffer less if they had more ailments heterosexual. Both sexes have the belief that the penis is magical, that achieved many miraculous healings. Medicine reaffirms its successful clinical experience using injectables and surgery since both practices involve a "penetration" in the body sick.

Both sexes reaffirm successful clinical experiences recommending to patients that do quiet but enough energy to keep moving. In addition to the empirical evidence on how well does the rest, we increase the validity of this perception comparing rest with intrauterine life. In fact the etymology of the word "clinical" arises from "clinado" (lying).

But it appears that the breasts are the main providers of curative fantasies as we improve, relieve and cure, "eating" soothing substances, stimulants, antibiotics, preventive, ... adding to the empirical evidence of the success of unconscious fantasies that breast milk has a miraculous healing power.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las fantasías sobre una sexualidad curativa

(1) On the conservation of the species and the individual, is available and I manage another blog called
La única misión.

(This is the Article No. 1734)

Motherly love between friends

When we show our love by giving gifts that cost money we work, we act as our mother who worked to protect us.

Imagine that I am the owner of a supermarket and I have five friends who love you.

Now that businesses work a little better, I decided to make a cut in the price of your purchases: they, their wives and children, featuring a card that I ordered way, to go through the boxes receive a discount of 10% in purchases made.

Just to agree, every time one of them makes purchases worth 100, the cashier only charged 90.

Why do I do this? I do it because I love and circumstances have given me so they can buy into my business and that I have the opportunity to make a gift that is not nothing but a tangible demonstration of how much I appreciate them.

This is easy to understand why many people like to give gifts to loved ones.

These gifts have an economic value, every time we buy gift items we spend money.

If I shorten the ends of this argument, I can say that our loved ones give them money as beautifully wrapped gift objects and to show the love that inspires us.

We can not forget that the money that we will give our loved ones (in the form of objects ...), we have won devoting some of our time to work (as traders, as employees).

With these elements it is possible to say that the time we spend on our friends (earning money to buy gifts that marshmallow), is similar to the time allocated to take care of our mother and develop in us the feeling of love, now feel and we show our friends.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Amor materno entre amigos.

(This is the Article No. 1715)

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Suicide and other acts irreversible

The legalization of divorce and the legalization of abortion, so tragically irreversible avoid situations like suicide.

In this environment and associated videos, I confessed and continue confessing, that legalized abortion enshrined in Uruguay (October 2012) (1), I'm very excited because I imagine the best long-term consequences.

While it is true that no opinion can be regarded as particularly valuable because they are all in some way and nobody owns the truth, you should know that the excitement, infatuation and idealization, the feelings are more effective in altering further little validity to have any opinion.

That said, another way to tell them argument which I feel that if women may abort, in a few decades will become citizens much more valuable than they were far.

Of course, if they grow, develop, enhance, new generations will benefit as mothers are the most important person in the life of any human being.

The argument is linked to the legalization of divorce. Previously married was an irreversible decision that imprisoned the spouses. Divorce is allowed to have more peace of mind when making the decision to join a project to address common life.

However, this did not reach with social breakthrough (divorce): the new generations have come to the brilliant conclusion that marriage is unnecessary. Hence, the new parents are really united because they want and not because an obligation contracted eternal.

With the legalization of abortion, sexuality became less irreversible. Although still better monitored pregnancies, softened the cost of human mistakes.

In short: Any action or irreversible rule, equals tragic consequences of suicide.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El suicidio y demás actos irreversibles.
(This is the Article Nº 1.733)

The buying and selling natural and the cultural

Just as women in reproductive attitude know who seduce buyers who need a provider know where to shop.

In another article (1) I commented metaphorical similarity between the commercial phenomenon of the sale and sexual relationships.

The reason given to justify this analogy means that when a buyer looking for a supplier for what you buy acts like a woman who wants to be fertilized by a male sperm provider.

From this point of view, the man react properly if you can download it in the vagina that sperm fertilizes. This man is performing an activity similar to that of the seller delivers the goods that had been requested by the buyer.

In most cases the disease appear and stay when man fails to fulfill the natural laws.

Culture is part of the nature and functions as a second nature.

All is well when again and not hold contradictory rules. If this occurs and since the universal nature is undoubtedly more powerful, human beings prefer to meet cultural norms at the expense of the universal becomes a field of conflict where the inevitable happens: he will suffer the greatest losses because the medium term, natural laws imposed on the cultural end.

The idea contained in the previous paragraph can also be expressed by saying: When to meet the dictates of culture have unnatural behaviors, we suffer.

Returning to the main theme raised at first, who have a living selling, best applied if only maintain its effort to inform potential customers about what they offer rather than insist that you buy. Like women in reproductive attitudes, buyers know where to shop.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La compra-venta natural y la cultural.
(This is the Article Nº 1.714)