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Specialists Slavery

The "blacksmiths" of saying try to break free from his office, but to do so they have to use wooden knives inefficient.

Share with you a hypothesis that attempts to explain why "In-house shoemaker stick", ie, why it is likely that the children of psychologists do not study psychology, or why the children of the most expensive computer in Silicon Valley (1), may not have access to a computer through adolescence, or why in the house of a blacksmith almost all built with wood.

Consider that one of the reasons is our inconsistency naturally, but let us not dwell on this because it would be too obvious.

The core of my hypothesis is that humans tend to romanticize the unknown, while we tend to underestimate the little-known, and very likely it annoy us too well known.

Specialists in any subject must make a great effort to hide how uncomfortable they feel fulfilling the role of 'experts'.

Your clients, friends, relatives and other members of your core people known, we require that they get bored dedicating always the same, we forbid that inroads in other areas away from their specialty.

Within these considerations I can include social rejection of polygamy.

Almost everyone is against the husband or the wife to expand their intimate ties. The faithful want, another imprisoned in marriage. When we gathered for legal ceremony in the religious ceremony and the party, we collude so that if you ever see them with clandestine love, do everything possible to prevent them from continuing with them.

The "blacksmiths" of saying seek every possible way to end this subjection, but to free the inefficient have to use wooden knives.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La esclavitud de los especialistas.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.013)

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